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Partner with Joy

Joy Gardens Europe is not just a supplier, but a true partner. All of our promotional tools and communications are made available for our distributors and agents in order to use locally, for instance:

  • Corporate communications (business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, etc.)
  • Consumer communications (website, brochure, product labels, installation guide, order forms, etc.)
  • Corporate sales tools (price lists, corporate brochure, etc.)
  • Image material (logo’s, brand images, product images, etc.)

This is our way to ensure a quick local roll-out, consistency of the brand throughout all of our territories and most importantly: saves budget for our distributors and agents.

Partnering with Joy Gardens gives you access to a complete and successful partner program supporting you fully in sales, marketing, promotions, customer service, training and warrantee. The advantages of a Joy Gardens partnership:

  • Unique and distinctive product portfolio
  • Top quality artificial grass for widely accessible consumer pricing
  • The concept of an optional installation service doubling the number of sales in retail
  • Highly profitable margins
  • Multimedia marketing support for optimal return on sales
  • 72 hour delivery on any location
  • Excellent customer service
  • 10 year warranty and very low return rate. Even after years of use
  • Complete additional product range for self installation (glue tape, infill sand, etc.)

For more information about our partner program, please contact  us.