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Can I install Joy myself?

Yes, installing Joy is relatively easy. You can follow our full step by step installation guide or instructional video to install your very own artificial lawn. If you are not able to do this yourself or don’t have time for it, you can always have our Joy installation service install it for you. By doing this you will also have a warranty on the installation besides the 10 year warranty on Joy. To help you determine the correct amount of Joy, please check our Joy calculator.

Can you recommend someone who can install Joy for me?

Joy has her own professional installation service, who can install Joy for you. This will give you a warranty on the instalment as well as on the 10 year warranty on Joy gardens.

Can weeds penetrate Joy?

No as it is produced on a unique very strong backing the roots of the weeds have no chance of penetrating it, this also applies to moles and rabbits trying to burrow through the surface. Joy Gardens advices to use geo textile underneath your Joy grass in order to prevent small weeds to grow through the drainage holes.

Does Joy loose it’s colour?

No, Joy is manufactured using the finest yarns which have been UV tested against colour fade for up to 15 years (appr. 20.000 sun hours). Other products on the market have been known to turn a blue/grey colour after a few years out in the sun. Joy Gardens guarantees top quality. All grasses enjoy a 10 year warranty. Our products are recyclable and have also been thoroughly tested in order to make sure they meet all present and future environmental specifications and contain no toxins.

Why does Joy recommend using sand for infill?

Infill is important because it adds extra weight to the surface, which will fortify the position of your lawn. It will also support the grass fibres, make it more durable and give it a much more natural look. By not using infill, although some artificial grass products claim they don’t need to, will always lead to a less durable lawn. It is important only to use special rounded sand. For more on infill and how to apply it on your lawn you can check our installation guide or instructional video.

Does Joy require any maintenance?

Comparing the work needed for maintaining a real lawn, Joy hardly requires any maintenance. A Joy Gardens lawn will just require the removal of leaves or debris to prevent any kind of moss build up. For keeping the perfect finish you will need to brush the grass up with a broom every once and a while.

Is Joy child and pet friendly?

Yes. Our grasses are made from the highest quality yarns, which have no toxic properties. All coatings, backings, glue, etc. that we use in the production process are also non-toxic, suitable for use by children, animals and for the environment. Any dog mess can be scooped, brushed or hosed away easily.

What about Joy’s fire safety?

Joy meets the highest specifications when it comes to fire safety. Whenever a burning object falls on the grass, the top layer will shiver away, but will never catch fire if the grass has been installed properly and infill sand has been used.

Is Joy as realistic as the real thing?

Yes, with the new Joy products, available in different pile heights and colours, it’s difficult to distinguish between our products and the real thing. For both the eye as to the touch. Especially Lounge, the latest and revolutionary grass complimenting the proud Joy family. Lounge uses Realistic® technology, which weaves in the grass randomly and with variable heights, making this the most realistic grass you can have in your garden.

You can order a sample for free to experience it yourself or take a look at our product range online.

Is Joy suitable for poorly drained areas?

Yes, Joy has perforated latex backing which should be installed over a graduated hard core base. Joy Gardens advices to prepare this base with a terry cloth layer allowing the base to be firm and the water to drain away freely. If you need any help in realising this base, please contact our Joy installation service.

How do I take the first step in creating Joy?

Simply e-mail or call our friendly professional team today and we will be happy to guide you to your great new way of modern living and having the lawn you have always dreamed of.

How about the environment and Joy?

Actually synthetic grass could be considered a more environmentally friendly option than natural. Joy requires no water, no pesticides, no fertilisers or the use of energy or fuel to maintain it. With the way the climate is changing having the perfect lawn without the use of water is a great benefit.

Which Joy is right for me?

Deciding which lawn is right for you depends on your own personal taste and on what look you want to create in your garden. In order to make the right choice we offer two bits of advice:

  • 1)  Experience the difference – Always request a sample and feel the difference between the options in front of you. The best quality yarn will be soft to the touch but also be able to recuperate after pressure has been placed on the sample. You can always order a free Joy sample to experience it yourself.
  • 2)  The more grass, the longer it lasts – Look at the product weight, this with tell you how much yarn (grass) is in each product. Therefore the heavier the product the better it should perform over time.
  • 3)  Check the backing – The real quality is read off the backing. This is the part, which will touch the rugged ground for several years and therefor needs to be very durable. A good backing is shiny and can be bent without cracking. Less shiny backing are more porous, crack easily and will wither away because weather conditions will affect these cracks immediately. A good backing doesn’t reveal any of the green yarn and covers them completely.

Where can Joy be installed?

Joy can be installed everywhere. Particularly in a variety of places where natural grass is desired to grow, such as problem shaded areas where natural growth is difficult to those really difficult to maintain areas where mowing may be a hassle. Some examples are: domestic lawns, garden golf greens, office building lawns, show homes, children’s nurseries, shops, hotels, exhibitions & decoration, swimming pools, roof terraces, verges & much more.

Why should I choose artificial?

Choosing artificial is a natural choice, because you want to enjoy your garden instead of spending a lot of time maintaining it. Besides: Joy can be installed everywhere – also on areas where natural growth is difficult and opposed to what is commonly suggested, Joy is very environmentally friendly. The use of water, chemicals and electricity for mowing are no longer needed and Joy is 100% recyclable. Choosing Joy? Naturally!

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