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About Joy Gardens

With Joy Gardens you can enjoy your garden without any hassle. Joy offers you a beautiful and fresh lawn, which doesn’t only look natural, but also feels amazingly soft. Without having to spend time maintaining it.

Enjoy in stead of maintain

Your lawnmower can be used as a side table from now on, for you don’t need to mow anymore. And raking, verticutating, fertilizing, weeding and watering are also no longer needed. Leaving time for you to really enjoy, relax and have fun in your garden. Time saving and easy.

Joy everywhere

Joy can be used everywhere and offers a great solution for areas where natural grass won’t grow as good. Whether this is your roof terrace, balcony, back yard or a playing ground, Joy delivers that natural look. Giving you a neat, fresh and green view – always.

Simply green

Opposed to what is commonly suggested, Joy is very environmentally friendly. The use of water, chemicals and electricity for mowing are no longer needed and Joy is 100% recyclable – naturally. Good for the environment and not to forget: your wallet.

Enjoying top quality

Joy guarantees top quality only! All grasses are made of the best Ten Cate yarns and keep their fresh, green natural colour for at least 10 years (our UV guarantee). The backing has also been treated with an unique high quality latex layer, preventing ugly bald spots in the long term. Joy is recyclable and is thoroughly tested in order to make sure they meet all current and future environmental specifications.

Choosing Joy? Naturally!