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Installing Joy

Joy can be installed relatively easily, but if you encounter any difficulties or don’t have time for it you can always have our Joy installation service install it for you. By doing this you will also have a warranty on the installation besides the 10 year warranty on Joy.

Installing Joy yourself

This quick installation guide gives you an overview of the different steps. You can download a full and extensive manual including tips in PDF. This manual is easy to print and can be taken with you on the job.

1. Installation Plan

To avoid unnecessary joints it is advisable to design a plan showing the number of roll meters required for the specified area.

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2. The Base

level the base nice and flat. Harden it with a compacting machine. The better the base the longer the grass will last and the better it will look.

3. Unrolling And Cutting

Unroll the grass across the base  and cut excessive grass from the sides. Make sure that all rolls are placed in the same pile direction

4. Connecting Seams:

The seams can be simply connected with Joy QuickSeaming tape. Check if both edges match up perfectly.


5. Applying Sand Fill

Fill the grass with +/- 6-12 kg/m2 sand to keep your grass durable and give it a more natural look. Brush it in with a broom.


6. Enjoy

After installation your new fresh lawn can be used immediately. Enjoy your garden without any hassle.