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Joy Quality

Enjoying Joy endlessly for many years to come means Joy needs to deliver top quality. And we do!

1. Joy keeps it’s green colour

Joy is made from the best materials and has been extensively UV tested. It will keep it’s fresh green colour for about 10-15 years. This is our UV guarantee.

2. Protection against all elements

Joy’s true quality appears in the durability and toughness of it’s backing. This is the part that needs to deal with the rough soil and the exposure of all weather conditions for many years. A good backing can be bent without tearing and covers up all the green yarn at the bottom. With this unique backing Joy prevents ugly bald spots in your beautiful garden over a long period of time.

3. Safe and secure

Safety is very important for Joy. Joy grass doesn’t contain any toxins making it perfectly suited for children and pets. Dog mess can be scooped, brushed or hosed away easily. Joy also meets the highest specifications when it comes to fire safety. Whenever a burning object falls on the grass, the top layer will shiver away, but will never catch fire if the grass has been installed properly and infill sand has been used.

4. Joy stays natural

Joy grass is made from the strongest quality fibres giving Joy the capability to reshape itself back into an upright position after pressure has been applied. Even though Joy is very durable, the grass always feels flexible and naturally soft.