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Installation Service

Installing Joy is relatively easy. You can follow our full step by step installation guide or instructional video to install your very own artificial lawn. If you are not able to do this yourself or don’t have time for it, you can always have our Joy installation service install it for you. By doing this you will also have a warranty on the installation besides the 10 year warranty on Joy.

Enjoy more comfort

Joy’s installation service is more than just installation. It’s an all-in comfort service:
- Full installation of your Joy grass
- FREE delivery of glue tape, infill sand and geotextile (when needed)
- Additional discount on glue tape (€ 1,25 p/m) and geotextile (€ 1,25 p/m2)
- Only pay for what you realy need. Never stuck with left over installation materials
- In addition to the 10 year warrantee on Joy also a warrantee on the installation