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Enjoy longer, use sand

Sand filled grasses have a far better natural look and a longer durability. The sand quantity is dependant on how extensive you want to use the grass, were it will be installed and what kind of look you want to create. But it gives a lot more advantages then just the look:

  • Sand fill gives better support to the yarn, making them stay upright and giving it a more natural look.
  • It applies extra weight, making your grass stay in place.
  • Increases fire safety.
  • Sand filled grasses can be used more intensively

It is therefor advisable to use about 6-12kg/m2 infill sand – dependant on the type of grass you are using. You can find an overview of these amounts of infill sands on the product pages.

It is important when using infill sand that it meets specific quality requirements. In order to apply for our warranty you always want to use standard quarts sand. Other sands are sharp and will damage your grass.